AD Boivin Inc. is a company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the motorsports and the vehicles on snow industries.

Founded in 1995, the company became known with the development and the marketing of kits and suspension systems for high-end snowmobile. They developed products like the ETS (Energy Transfer System) and the suspension Expert X.

In 2001, AD Boivin became the fifth global snowmobile manufacturer bringing to the market the real snowmobile called the SnowHawk. Since that day, more than 1000 units have been sold worldwide. In 2008, the global recession has led them to develop the track system for motorcycle :Explorer. This kit is more affordable and offers all the enjoyment that a bike on snow can procure. The commercial success of the Explorer took over the SnowHawk, whose production ended in 2008. The SnowHawk division was then sold in May 2011 to Moto MST to ensure the supply of parts for the customers.

Together with the marketing of the SnowHawk, AD Boivin has been a major player in the market with the ATV Tracks thanks to the development of the patented systems Traxion Plus andGiant. Marketed from 2002 to 2006, these systems ATV Tracks have been used throughout the world. The ATV track division was later sold to Camoplast Solideal in 2006.

Acknowledged as an innovative enterprise, AD Boivin has launched in 2008 the first snowmobile suspension composite which is also the lightest on the market: the ZX2. A revolutionary and unique concept in which the damper was integrated with G-Force a “Positron Sensitive Damper” patented technology by AD Boivin. The ZX2 is now used by hundreds of snowmobilers around the world.

In order to diversify its operations, the company decided in 2010 to get into the utility market by using their years of expertise in the field of recreational tracked vehicles. The company designs and develops a revolutionary track system for 4×4 vehicles which will be the first to amalgamate a wheel to a track. This concept will allow you to install in few minutes the tracks to a 4×4 vehicle, and therefor it will become a new tool for diverse industrial applications, all over the Nordic countries. The TRACK N GO product is commercialized since 2013.

And the innovation continues …


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